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Gaeddert Farms Sweet Corn, Inc.

Markets We Attend:
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Products Offered:


41 & 42

Produce, BBQ/Sauces/Seasoning, Jams/Jellies, Other Crafts, Baked Goods, Woodcrafts, Art/Sculptures, Jewelry

Produce Varieties:

Cantaloupe, Onions, Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Watermelon

About Us:

Gaeddert Farms Sweet Corn, Inc is a family-run farm business currently owned and operated by sisters Tonya Martisko and Julie Ball. Our sweet corn operation began over 30 years ago by growing just a small patch of sweet corn for our extended family’s use. Our first sweet corn stand, as young children, was on our grandparent's front lawn on 1st Street in Buhler. Our first retail stand location was in Hutchinson in 1996. Today we have stands located in Hutchinson, McPherson, Newton, Andover, Derby, Salina and 5 in Wichita. We also sell at farmers markets in Hutchinson and Wichita on Saturdays.
We take pride in the fact that we are known for our quality and integrity. We provide customers with an outstanding product as well as an honest, family-oriented atmosphere.

Gaeddert Farms Sweet Corn, Inc.

Tonya Martisko



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