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Griffith Family Farm LLC

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Derby, Wichita


Meat - Poultry

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We are a first generation farm in Peck, KS. Rickelle, my wife, is Hawaiian; both born and raised there. We met our sophomore year of high school because my father was in the military. We are now 25 years old now with two children. We moved to Kansas in 2018 so I could work in aviation, and wanted to raise our children on a farm and eat healthy, fresh food. 

We started with pastured poultry and a garden in 2020 when we found a perfect little house. We started selling by word of mouth, because a couple of friends had some and asked what made it taste so much better. We told them that we get all of our grains from the local Co-Op in Mulvane, make our own blend of chicken feed, and raise them on pasture where they can eat bugs and grass. 

Griffith Family Farm's Mission statement: "Holistically manage livestock in a manner that promotes soil health, biodiversity, and thriving animal health. To provide safe, authentic, nutritious food to our local community to promote a decentralized food system that supports the growth of the local economy." 

Griffith Family Farm LLC

Devin Griffith



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