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The Plaid Doily

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Jewelry, Other Crafts, Apparel, Art/Sculptures, Toys

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I am a crocheted jewelry and gifts business. My crocheted jewelry came from loving to crochet and finding a way to make jewelry that wouldn’t break in the hands of my little baby boy. He is my quality control expert when I make pieces. Two main pieces I create are “Neckbraces” which are long necklaces that can be worn in a variety of ways including cluster wrapped bracelets. Half “neck”lace and half “brace”let = Neckbrace! The second piece I makr is a “Don’t Choke Her” choker necklace. I make these shorter necklace/bracelets with an easy to undo toggle clasp, to remove quickly when little one’s hand grabs and yanks! Other items I make for sale are small gifts. Such as washcloths, cast iron pan handles, holiday ornaments, and mild anxiety aids (wraps for arms or laps that provide textural stimulation to help redirect panic or anxiety).

The Plaid Doily

Samantha Saville



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