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Wholly Cow Market

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Meat - Beef, Meat - Poultry

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Wholly Cow! Meet your ranchers - Matt & Michelle Canny. Matt is the fifth generation family farmer and rancher located in Stanton County, Kansas.
Anyone can claim their beef is grass-fed, but not everyone can state they are grass-finished, born and raised on one farm, never penned up, or have never received antibiotics or hormones - but we CAN! We provide 100% pure Kansas beef. Our cattle roam on open pastures, native grasses, and cover crops for over 365 days a year. Growing our beef is a slow, gentle process, unlike many corporate and conventional feed yard and farming practices. We are not a factory. We have a story and we want to share it. Each animal grazes under blue skies, in wide open spaces checked upon and cared for daily by yours truly -Matt Canny. His passion for animal well-being, sustainable meats and regenerative agriculture is the heart of his work. Healthy soils=Healthy animals=Healthy meats=Healthy lives. Once you try our all-natural, pasture-raised and finished beef-you won't go back.
Wholly Cow Market. Craveable. Sustainable. Meat.

Wholly Cow Market

Michelle & Matt Canny



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