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Little Smokies Appetizer

Add some sweet heat to your little smokies using Bruce's Bullseye Farms' Strawberry Jalapeño or Raspberry Jalapeño Jam for your next get together!

Recipe courtesy of Bruce's Bullseye Farms



  1. In a small crock pot, heat a package of little smokies on low heat until they are hot. (2-3 hr on low, or 1.5 hr on high)

  2. Drain any of the juice that is in the crock pot off of the little smokies.

  3. Add as much or a little Strawberry Jalapeño Jam or Raspberry Jalapeño Jam as you like to the Little Smokies and stir. Once the jam is heated, it will melt over the Little Smokies and add a nice glaze.

  4. You can serve immediately!


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